Video: Find Your Motivation with David Laid

Video: Find Your Motivation with David Laid

clock-circular-outlinePosted 8 Aug 2019

It's resoluteness and hard work. It's the discipline to turn up each day, and the ambition to push through barriers and break down walls, even when others doubt you.

That's what lifting is about.

You have a choice right now; Will today be your day one? Will today be a step forward in your journey? It's your time.

"I wanna show people that nothing happens by accident, and nothing comes to you unless you work for it." - David Laid aka. King Of The Deadlift

Speed. Power. Strength.

These are attributes built over time, through dedication to training and nutrition.

David Laid didn't just pick up a heavy-af barbell one day; he worked on his technique and developed his strength for years to move that barbell. He pushed himself to his physical and mental limit, day-in, day-out, and that's why at 21 years old, he deadlifts over 650lbs.

The discipline and skills we develop in the gym, the things we learn about ourselves and what makes us tick can be carried over into many elements of our lives, for the better.

'Exercise and fitness - it changes your entire life." - David Laid

Watch the video, listen to the video, then lift:

What motivates you?

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