5 Easy Ways To Make Your Workout Routine More Eco-Friendly

5 Easy Ways To Make Your Workout Routine More Eco-Friendly

clock-circular-outlinePosted 29 Jul 2019

We're starting to become more conscious of the environment and how our decisions can have an impact on our surroundings. Simple changes often need a little prior consideration, but they soon become a habit in our day-to-day lives.

With populations growing at rapid rates, rubbish waste and energy are becoming a huge challenge; hence the promotion of more economical transport and recycling.

How can we make everyday changes to our exercise routine to ensure we're keeping the world fit, and not just ourselves? These six changes may not sound like much, but they are a step forward in making our workouts more eco-friendly, giving back to our amazing planet.

1. Reusable Water Bottles

The UK throws away 35.8 million plastic bottles every single day, and in the US 38 billion plastic water bottles go to landfill every year. It's easy to pick up a bottle of water on your way to the gym or use a throwaway cup whilst training in your gym...

However, using a reusable water bottle can reduce your footprint massively, and refilling it at your gym will most likely be free anyway! It's good practice to keep a bottle of water on you at all times, whether you're in the gym or not to ensure you're consuming enough water.

So grab yourself a sturdy reusable bottle and make it a habit. Oh... and if coffee is your pre-workout, get yourself a reusable coffee mug too!

2. Cardio Outdoors

Ok, so weight training without the appropriate equipment can be tough. But skipping the gym for your cardio sessions can help reduce the electricity you consume each day. Powering up a treadmill for your morning run may seem harmless, but when you can hit the pavements and take in the beautiful outdoors, surely it's a no-brainer?

More self-sufficient equipment is starting to hit our gym floors, meaning the energy we generate powers the equipment removing the need for electricity. Hopefully, in the future, we'll see greater advancements in technology, making our gyms solely rely on the blood, sweat and tears their loyal members generate.

Some self-powered gyms have been created in recent years, but nothing has taken the fitness industry by storm just yet...

3. Clear Out Your Workout Wardrobe

We live in a generation of fast fashion; a 'buy it now worry later' mentality. We all love having the newest gear, which provides an overwhelming feeling, but have you considered what to do with the clothes you no longer wear?

Clearing out your wardrobe is not only a great way to stay organised, it also helps identify clothes that are no longer worn and can be sent to charity or recycling; making room for your fresh new Gymshark garms, whilst still making use of your old gear.

It also brings to light clothes you may have forgotten. You know, the ones down the back of your wardobe you usually find several years later...

4. Switch Up Your Mode Of Transport

If your mindset is 'I only exercise in the gym', then it's about time you make some new habits...

Our bodies are designed to move in all different ways throughout the day, not just during the hour we spend in the gym. If you can walk, bike or run to the gym, you should definitely be making the most of it!

If you have a gym buddy, sharing lifts is also a great way to get to the gym - and let's face it, gym car parks aren't always the most spacious!

5. Reduce your food shopping footprint

Your diet is a big part of your fitness routine. Being more eco-friendly with your shopping while reducing food waste is a great way to save money and reduce the impact on your environment.

Reusable carrier bags have become a no brainer, but avoiding foods packaged in plastic is still a work in progress. We don't always have a choice, but opting for package-free products where possible is a great way to save on single-use plastic.

Reducing food waste is easy; cook foods close to their expiry date and freeze leftovers/excess food for later in the week.

How will you make your workout routine more eco-friendly? Let us know in the comments section below.


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